​At Modern Living Homesteader you'll find practical ideas to help you live the homesteader lifestyle of your dreams.

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​We practiced the self-reliant homesteader lifestyle for years before finally finding our farmhouse in the country.  Even if your life situation doesn’t allow you to locate and move to your dream homestead, there are still many ways in which you can live out the lifestyle of greater self-reliance right where you are. That's what you'll find here - helpful articles, personal experience, and practical tips to help you, wherever you are on your modern homesteading journey. 

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​The homesteader's table is the place where it all comes together - nothing tastes better than nutritious, wholesome foods grown and prepared by your own hands. In this category you will find delicious (and simple!) recipes, real food information and sourcing, and tips and habits to help you build a pantry and better food self-reliance. is now!


​Family is the heart of the homestead - whether it's gardening, caring for animals, or preserving food, working together on a shared goal creates priceless opportunities to connect. Here, you'll find articles about living intentionally, connecting with your children through traditions and shared activities, and homeschooling.


​Here, you'll find articles on growing your own food, general self-reliance, and homestead helps. Whether you want to grow vegetables, install edible landscaping, raise chickens for eggs or meat, pasture a few pigs, or just build your homesteader's tool shed, this is a great place to start.


​Keeping more of your earned income and learning to live on less is a major part of the homesteader’s self-reliance focus. In this category you will find practical ideas for taking control of your financial life, becoming debt-free, and working toward financial freedom. 

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What is a Modern Living Homesteader?

When some people think about homesteading, they imagine living in an off-grid cabin at the base of a mountain. They imagine trapping for small game, boiling water over a fire for a weekly bath, and eschewing nearly all facets of regular life.

​But moving far from a major city, a professional career, or internet access is a trade-off that has real disadvantages in today’s world.

Yet, the desire is there to:

  • L​ive more simply, and more in tune with the natural world
  • ​Produce all or part of our own food
  • ​Be more self-sufficient
  • ​Take control of our own lives.

​Modern Living Homesteaders make this happen every day, by working a ​traditional job but coming home to gather eggs, weed their vegetable gardens, cook from scratch, and practice a variety of heritage skills, both outdoors and in. We live in both worlds- the hustle and bustle of the “real world” as well as the hard working, soul-soothing rhythm of the “old world”. It’s not always an easy balance- but it’s worth it!t

Welcome! I'm Courtney!

I'm a homesteading, homeschooling mama to three little ones. I'm passionate about helping other moms find ways to live the homesteading life of their dreams.

You can read more about my family's journey from city to suburb to farmhouse here.

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