What is a Modern Living Homesteader?

What is a “Modern Living Homesteader”?

When some people think about homesteading, they imagine living in an off-grid cabin at the base of a mountain. They imagine trapping for small game, boiling water over a fire for a weekly bath, and eschewing nearly all facets of regular life.


While that image might be enticing, exciting, and possibly a bit scary, few people are willing or able to make the changes necessary to live this kind of lifestyle. Moving far from a major city, a professional career, or internet access is a trade-off that has real disadvantages in today’s world.


Yet, the desire is there to: Live a life more in tune with nature.  Produce all or part of one’s own food.  Live more simply.  Be more self-sufficient.  Learn practical and useful skills.  Get out of the work-buy-die cycle.  Take control of our own lives.


Modern Living Homesteaders make this happen every day, by working a corporate job but coming home to gather eggs, weed their vegetable gardens, cook from scratch, and practice a variety of heritage skills, both outdoors and in. We live in both worlds- the hustle and bustle of the “real world” as well as the hard working, soul-soothing rhythm of the “old world”. It’s not always an easy balance- but it’s worth it!


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I'm a homesteading, homeschooling mama to three little ones. I'm passionate about helping other moms find ways to live the homesteading life of their dreams.

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