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Cake used to be a rare event at our home. This recipe for a simple, delicious, fat-free, light and fluffy Farmhouse Sponge Cake changed everything!

Farmhouse Sponge Cake

Here at the farmhouse, cake has taken on a bit of a persona non grata.  Most cake that we see is ultra-sweet, weighed down with excess frosting or some kind of plastic-like fondant. It’s a decadent treat that isn’t really a treat at all! When you consider the calories, high sugar content, additives, dyes and […]

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Our Farmhouse Granola is a festive, nutty blend, complete with aromatic spices, poppy seeds, and crystallized ginger. It’s a real treat. And it’s perfect for sharing with neighbors for that last-minute Christmas gift!

Last-Minute Christmas gift idea: Farmhouse Granola

We love granola! It’s such a handy staple to have on hand. But storebought granola is overpriced and often contains unnecessary or undesirable ingredients. In contrast, homemade granola is customizeable, economical, and EASY! In just fifteen minutes or less of hands-on time, you can mix up a batch of your own artisan blend. Here is […]

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