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Summer Squash Rice Bowl

A few days ago, David picked six summer squash, and we already have six more ready to be harvested! We didn’t have any summer squash last year, so this is a real treat. However, it requires focused and creative eating to make use of an abundance of summer squash. We’re finding ways to enjoy the […]

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Having a hot family breakfast is easy with this delicious, protein-filled make ahead meal. Start a regular family tradition of a weekday hot breakfast meal!

Freezer Omelettes: How to have a weekday family breakfast

Our hens are really getting excited about spring’s apparent arrival. We’re collecting 10-12 hen’s eggs a day, plus two or three duck eggs. After nearly a year of keeping lazy chickens AND buying three dozen eggs a week, we’re counting our egg-shaped blessings. And, I’m putting those eggs in the freezer for the next slow […]

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Our Farmhouse Granola is a festive, nutty blend, complete with aromatic spices, poppy seeds, and crystallized ginger. It’s a real treat. And it’s perfect for sharing with neighbors for that last-minute Christmas gift!

Last-Minute Christmas gift idea: Farmhouse Granola

We love granola! It’s such a handy staple to have on hand. But storebought granola is overpriced and often contains unnecessary or undesirable ingredients. In contrast, homemade granola is customizeable, economical, and EASY! In just fifteen minutes or less of hands-on time, you can mix up a batch of your own artisan blend. Here is […]

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Make these savory and delightful zucchini and rice cakes for dinner and serve leftovers for breakfast. Your family and your guests alike will adore them!

Zucchini and Red Rice Cakes- Make it once, feast twice

Without regular rain and temps soaring into the 100s, our garden has produced maybe three zucchinis. What a change in perspective! Previously I found ways to disguise my zucchini or use it in massive quantities. This year each prized zucchini has become the star of mealtime…. and in the process a new favorite has emerged! […]

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