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Split pea and ham soup is wonderful this time of year, served with spring onions and syrupy balsamic vinegar. It's a simple meal the whole family will love!

Delicious and hearty split pea soup

We have had some unseasonably warm weather lately. When the temperature dropped a bit this weekend, I sound myself craving warm, comforting food. Split pea soup, made with ham and garnished with spring onions, is perfect for this time of year. It’s delicious and wholly satisfying. This post was originally published some time ago, but […]

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Having a hot family breakfast is easy with this delicious, protein-filled make ahead meal. Start a regular family tradition of a weekday hot breakfast meal!

Freezer Omelettes: How to have a weekday family breakfast

Our hens are really getting excited about spring’s apparent arrival. We’re collecting 10-12 hen’s eggs a day, plus two or three duck eggs. After nearly a year of keeping lazy chickens AND buying three dozen eggs a week, we’re counting our egg-shaped blessings. And, I’m putting those eggs in the freezer for the next slow […]

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Large amounts of leftover meat doesn't have to mean eating the same thing for days. Here is an easy-to-use process that will help you save time and money!

Save time and money: How to use up all that leftover meat

Recently we butchered our remaining turkeys, Mr. Christmas and Mrs. Easter. They were never good foragers, and had grown extremely large while stealing our chickens’ supplementary grain. We decided to go ahead and process both birds rather than continue to pay for their feed any longer. But then- what to do with all that turkey? […]

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Here is a recipe for a bright, flavorful slaw made with kale, collards, and red cabbage. This ultra-healthy slaw is easy, versatile and delicious!

Kale, Collard and Red Cabbage Winter Slaw

I love the savory, rich roasts and stews of winter. But sometimes I find myself craving something raw and crunchy to offset all that comfortable goodness. Enter a bright, flavorful and tangy winter slaw made with fresh lacinato kale, collard greens, and red cabbage. These vegetables have powerful health benefits, as we’ll see in a […]

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Our Farmhouse Granola is a festive, nutty blend, complete with aromatic spices, poppy seeds, and crystallized ginger. It’s a real treat. And it’s perfect for sharing with neighbors for that last-minute Christmas gift!

Last-Minute Christmas gift idea: Farmhouse Granola

We love granola! It’s such a handy staple to have on hand. But storebought granola is overpriced and often contains unnecessary or undesirable ingredients. In contrast, homemade granola is customizeable, economical, and EASY! In just fifteen minutes or less of hands-on time, you can mix up a batch of your own artisan blend. Here is […]

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