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Homemade bread is delicious and versatile! This recipe for whole-grain spelt bread is tasty and super simple to prepare!

Farmhouse Spelt Yeast Bread

Right now, before the garden starts producing much, I’m cleaning out the freezer and cupboards to make room for the new, and rounding out our meals with bread and cheese. Another favorite lunch treat is sliced bread with basil and walnut pesto, frozen in August and so very welcomed in rainy April. Homemade bread is […]

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Spelt is a powerhouse of nutrition, is easy to digest, and is easy to use. Read this overview to find out why you should try it!

Spelt Flour 101: Why you should try it

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy. Recently, after reading books like Grain Brain, I became interested in cutting back on modern wheat products. We don’t have any gluten sensitivity in our house, so I don’t feel compelled to go gluten-free. However, I wanted to eliminate as much modern wheat as […]

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Despite pretty labels in the supermarket egg case, it’s not easy to understand what you are buying. This post explains the differences, and why they matter.

Pasture-Raised vs. Free-Range Eggs: What’s the difference?

Pasture – raised eggs are superior in taste and nutrition to regular eggs and are worth seeking out. Pasture-raised is not the same as free-range, and “free range” may even produce the same quality eggs as “caged”! Despite all the pretty labeling and logos in the grocery store egg case, it’s not easy to determine […]

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