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Getting started with chickens doesn’t need to be overwhelming! Follow this simple guide to start your own healthy, happy chicken flock.

The simple guide to backyard chickens

A hen is a regular source of delicious, healthful eggs throughout her laying life. She will gladly accept your kitchen scraps, reducing household waste. She improves your soil with free fertilizer. Then, at the end of her laying career, that same hen provides a satisfying meal and plenty of nourishing bone broth. Keeping chickens can […]

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Despite pretty labels in the supermarket egg case, it’s not easy to understand what you are buying. This post explains the differences, and why they matter.

Pasture-Raised vs. Free-Range Eggs: What’s the difference?

Pasture – raised eggs are superior in taste and nutrition to regular eggs and are worth seeking out. Pasture-raised is not the same as free-range, and “free range” may even produce the same quality eggs as “caged”! Despite all the pretty labeling and logos in the grocery store egg case, it’s not easy to determine […]

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We raised our own Thanksgiving turkey this year!

Our own turkey for Thanksgiving, and Brunswick Stew

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and your family had a refreshing day of gratitude. This whole weekend was a whirlwind for us. I feel like our days go by faster and faster each year. Stomp turned 7 months old on Thanksgiving- he celebrated by pulling himself to standing and climbing to the first step on […]

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Rooster Salad

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a chicken coop looks like… while the chickens are inside? This is not something I have ever considered, but, since we have been homesteading, I have had the opportunity to understand the life of chickens on an intimate scale. For approximately a month (or more, depending on […]

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