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Getting started with chickens doesn’t need to be overwhelming! Follow this simple guide to start your own healthy, happy chicken flock.

The simple guide to backyard chickens

A hen is a regular source of delicious, healthful eggs throughout her laying life. She will gladly accept your kitchen scraps, reducing household waste. She improves your soil with free fertilizer. Then, at the end of her laying career, that same hen provides a satisfying meal and plenty of nourishing bone broth. Keeping chickens can […]

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Learn about our favorite tools and products that we use all the time on our homestead. Compare with your own favorites, generate ideas, or buy a gift.

Favorite tools and products for the homestead

Today’s post is all about the tools and products that we find most useful around our homestead. David made the original list, which currently spans three notebook pages! After some review, we’ve narrowed it down into seven loosely organized categories. Use this post to compare with your own favorite tools, generate ideas for efficiencies, create […]

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Outdoor time doesn’t have to mean an activity, a learning outcome, or planned event. Here are four tips for making outside time with small kids enjoyable.

Getting outside with young kids: Four tips for success

Now that spring is here, we’re spending a lot of time outdoors. We average 3-4 hours of outside time each day, barring rain or high wind. Especially with weather this beautiful, it’s so much more pleasant to be outside! Inside, there are toys, laundry and dishes all over the place and the kids’ squabbling just […]

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Getting started with a vegetable garden can be so overwhelming! Here is a straightforward overview of six simple steps to start your own backyard garden.

Six simple steps to start your own backyard garden

Starting your garden can be so overwhelming! So many choices, options, and opinions! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a straightforward overview to follow? Many of you have told me that you just want a simple plan for establishing your own vegetable or herb garden. If that’s you, get excited. Today’s post will be […]

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Despite pretty labels in the supermarket egg case, it’s not easy to understand what you are buying. This post explains the differences, and why they matter.

Pasture-Raised vs. Free-Range Eggs: What’s the difference?

Pasture – raised eggs are superior in taste and nutrition to regular eggs and are worth seeking out. Pasture-raised is not the same as free-range, and “free range” may even produce the same quality eggs as “caged”! Despite all the pretty labeling and logos in the grocery store egg case, it’s not easy to determine […]

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