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Stretch your food budget, make organic more accessible, and simplify your kitchen life with one simple habit: freeze chopped onions.

Freeze chopped onions: Save time and money

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy. Saving time and money in the kitchen is high on everyone’s list.  At our house, we prioritize better-quality and organic food, which can add quite a few dollars to our grocery bill. As a result, I’m constantly looking for ways to trim our spending […]

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Large amounts of leftover meat doesn't have to mean eating the same thing for days. Here is an easy-to-use process that will help you save time and money!

Save time and money: How to use up all that leftover meat

Recently we butchered our remaining turkeys, Mr. Christmas and Mrs. Easter. They were never good foragers, and had grown extremely large while stealing our chickens’ supplementary grain. We decided to go ahead and process both birds rather than continue to pay for their feed any longer. But then- what to do with all that turkey? […]

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Simple habits for healthy, hearty fall and winter feasts

Fall and winter are great times to serve simple, hearty meals. And despite what my Pinterest feed would suggest, hearty food doesn’t have to mean “casserole” or “pasta” or “cheese”. Cooking for comfort doesn’t have to be hands-on, either. Rather, intentional use of your pantry (freezer, refrigerator and cupboards) will help you serve delicious, healthy […]

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We raised our own Thanksgiving turkey this year!

Our own turkey for Thanksgiving, and Brunswick Stew

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and your family had a refreshing day of gratitude. This whole weekend was a whirlwind for us. I feel like our days go by faster and faster each year. Stomp turned 7 months old on Thanksgiving- he celebrated by pulling himself to standing and climbing to the first step on […]

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Plan Your Pantry Series #2- Fruits and Vegetables

Sometimes when I mention my method of cooking from my pantry, people’s eyes glaze over. They imagine bland casseroles filled with processed ingredients and potted meats and picture themselves buying antacids and clothing with elastic waistbands. The word “green” fades into shades of chartreuse and life seems bleak. Gentle reader, don’t be fooled. Cooking from […]

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